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Delivery Method

Delivery Method 1 (Hong Kong Post)

@LIKO online shop leverages Hong Kong Post to provide local mail (packet) service.

Service Area
Hong Kong Only.

Goods Tracking
Do not provide goods tracking service, customer is responsible for the risk of mail loss.



Delivery Method 2 (SF Express)

@LIKO online shop leverages SF Express to provide delivery service to industry and commerce areas, SF store/EF locker/center self-pickup service(Additional surcharge would be applied for delivery service to residential or remote areas, all depends on location and restriction of SF Express).

Service Area

We focus on serving customer in some Asia Pacific regions, including: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.  

Goods Tracking

For goods tracking, customer may visit SF Express website by for latest delivery status.

* Remarks:

※   After proceed checkout and paid, we will handle your order. Delivery time may vary depends on your location. Although we cannot ensure there is no delay of the delivery, we will do our best to deal with it.  
Delivery Method 1 (Hong Kong Post): Normally 7-14 working days.
Delivery Method 2 (SF Express)
: Normally 2-7 working days.

※   Customized product lead time would be around 3~4 weeks, please be patient.

※   Free shipment only cover delivery service to industry and commerce areas, SF store/EF locker/center self-pickup service, but does not cover residential or remote areas.

※   You are responsible for additional surcharge by SF express for those delivery to residential or remote areas, you may need to pay those surcharge to SF express courier when you receive the goods.

※   You will receive an email notification for the shipment and you can track the delivery status through logistic web page. 

※   If there is any goods out of stock, we will deal with factory for reproduction and it normally will take 5-10 working days to complete the reproduction process and we will ship out ASAP. 

※   Goods delivery would be delayed under following situations: In case of irresistible factors such as accidental natural disasters, system equipment update/maintenance, goods transfer, inventory, replenishment, factory holidays/weekends, etc. or other special circumstances, the goods may take longer time for delivery, thanks for your understanding and please wait patiently.

※   After the goods being shipped out, if customer's information was incomplete or filled incorrectly, or nobody answer the door, goods would be returned without signing, and customer have to pay for the additional logistic charge introduced.

※   The estimated delivery schedule is subjected to SF express handling. The risk of delivery delay or loss is taken by customer. 

※   If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department and we will do our best to serve you. 


While pursuing product quality, we pay attention to fulfill corporate social responsibility and hope to contribute to environmental protection.

The left picture 1-3 show the delivery box of @LIKO brand. Customers can reuse it, just tear off the carton cover (Fig. 3), make some interval or place the stuff directly on it (Fig. 3a/3b).