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@LIKO Colaboration

@LIKO beside designing and manufacturing high-quality stainless steel products for everyone, we also collaborate with different units, to create creative crossovers and integrate design products into everyone's life.

【@LIKO x c!ty'super】

[Christmas Special Edition]

"Black Soul" english alphabet stainless steel hook! Has now landed in the c!ty'super @Harbor City TST  houseware department! 

【@LIKO x Fighting Football Academy】

It's summer, it's time to play with sunshine. @LIKO fully support "Fighting Football Academy" held "Football Day" at Kwun Tong on 18 August 2019, except for small training, games and competitions. The child will have our @LIKO sponsored Laser Crafted Alphabet Stainless Steel Hook as gift pack!


#Fighting Football Academy

【@LIKO x house by Kubrick】

"house by Kubrick" locate next to the Taikoo Cinema, it provides not only coffee, chocolate, fresh bakery products, but also cultural nutrition such as books, videos, and records, and is committed to providing a better art creation platform and promoting cultural creation.

They use @LIKO different size magnetic magic mirrors, mount on the cement wall irregularly, paste with English letter magnet stickers and write with different color whiteboard pens to create a special Menu.


#house by Kubrick